Football And The City is an online football magazine that explores global football culture.

We aim to shine a light into dark corners - as all good journalism should. This means the good & bad aspects of football. Highlighting positive initiatives but also tackling discrimination in our sport.

Football is more than just the richest 1% in the top leagues. It is rich, full of inspirational stories & hope. But certain areas of the game need more covering in the press.

So Football And The City is making a pledge on minimum coverage for areas that need it the most.

Our commitment to coverage:

  • 25% to football in developing countries

  • 25% to women’s football

  • 10% to covering anti-discrimination topics

  • 40% to all other aspects of global football culture

And how we cover these things is equally important:

  • Football And The City will never be a clickbait site

  • We will never churn out half-thought out articles simply to generate traffic & revenue

  • We will fact-check & verify everything as thoroughly as possible

  • If something is an opinion piece - it will be made explicitly clear that it is an opinion piece as opposed to stating an opinion as fact

If you believe that the world’s most popular sport deserves great journalism, then please support us in any way that you can.

J.S. Leatherbarrow - Editor