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Football And The City

What is Football And The City? 

As I sit writing this on the eve of the 2018 World Cup final & Bastille Day, I find myself looking back (and forwards) to how football & football culture is changing out of all recognition. I want to capture, in words, my love of football - the highs & lows, the glory, the passion & the ugly side of the beautiful game. 

I want to show that a new generation cares enough about the game to put time & thought into reflecting these changes with good writing. I want to hold a mirror up to the game & show what is reflected back in a deep, thoughtful & hopefully original way. You probably won't agree with every single word written within this well of thought, but you will see that the opinions & articles drawn from it are well-researched, well-written, fact-checked and considered. 

This isn't a news site, or a gossip column & so Football And The City won't be dealing in unsubstantiated transfer rumours, it won't be mocking players, clubs or managers for cheap laughs or cheap thrills with the sole aim of driving people to the site. It will be a place where people who love the game as much as I do will have a place to share their thoughts without fear of being torn down afterwards. That isn't to say if somebody brings the game into major disrepute (i.e. Sepp Blatter) that it won't be covered. It simply means there will be reflections & opinions once something is established in fact. 

And so.

Welcome to the circus. Jump down the rabbit-hole into a world of Ginga, of Franz Beckenbauer & Johan Cruyff. This is a world of beauty & contradiction. A world of magic & of cheating. A world of heaven, hell & purgatory.

This, readers, is football. 

Welcome to Football And The City

J.S. Leatherbarrow, Editor