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Partick Thistle & Liverpool Fan

Everyone is welcome no matter what race, religion or sexuality they are.
— Charlene

FATC: What made you first fall in love with football? 

C: I fell in love with football when I was very young as my family were all massive Celtic fans. Because of this, my first ever kit was a Celtic one. Little did they know how it would all turn out!

FATC: How did you come to support Partick Thistle & Liverpool? 

C: I started supporting Partick Thistle because that's who my Granda' supports. He never wanted me to get into the whole drama of the Old Firm so he led me down the path of The Jags and I have followed them since! 13 years I've been going to games with him and I love every minute.

I started supporting Liverpool around the same time. I can remember sitting on my Granda's knee as the whole family sat and watched one of the greatest games in football history, the 2005 Champions League Final between AC Milan and Liverpool. I was young but can still remember the drama of the game. Amazing! It was after the game I turned to my Dad and said "Daddy, I want to be a Red!" He happily took me out to buy me my first shirt. It had Gerrard on the back. God knows what happened to that shirt. I wore it nearly everywhere I went, I loved it that much!

FATC: What are your earliest football memories? 

C: Watching Celtic against Rangers as a 4 year old and Alan Thompson's rocket of a free kick to score the third goal for Celtic. That was unbelievable! The game finished Celtic 3-0 Rangers. As you can imagine, my family were very happy with that result.

FATC: What is the hardest thing about being a fan of both Partick Thistle & Liverpool? 

C: Hardest thing about being a Partick Thistle fan would be the frustration. Thistle have this habit of letting goals in from set pieces which is very annoying. They can have a great first half, score 2 or 3 goals sometimes and then let it all go in the second half. Often at the last minute!

Hardest thing about being a Liverpool fan is that I can't get down to games, as much as I'd love to! Despite that, I'm a member of the Glasgow Reds OLSC which is where I go to watch the matches amongst other passionate Reds. It's not quite Anfield but it's the next best thing for me!

FATC: What is the best thing about being  a fan of both Partick Thistle & Liverpool?

C: Best thing about being a fan of both clubs is how it's more like a family. Everyone gets to know each other and everyone is welcome no matter what race, religion or sexuality they are. We all share a passion and that is our clubs!

FATC: What is your favourite football memory? 

C: My favourite football memory would have to be when Partick Thistle won promotion to the Scottish Premiership 5 years ago. We clinched it against Greenock Morton, who we consider as our rivals as we were always the division below the Old Firm. We were a point above them in the old First Division table, the decider came on 10th April 2013. James Craigen, who was my favourite player at the time scored an absolute rocket. Thistle won the game 1-0 and it was up to the Premiership we go! Clyde are our traditional rivals but that has died down in recent years as we haven't been in the same division as them for a long time. We have always been a league above! 

FATC: What is your worst football memory? 

C: The play-off tie last season against Livingston. The first leg was played at the Tony Macaroni Arena in Livingston. It finished 1-1. Then the second leg at Firhill, our home ground. This was the decider to determine where we were to play our football next season. I was so nervous. Livingston won 2-0 and so, they were up to the Premiership and we were down to the Championship for the first time in 5 years. I was absolutely gutted but we expected it to happen as we were absolutely shocking that whole season. How could we go from finishing in the Premiership's top six the previous season, our best league finish in the top division in years to being relegated? It's gut wrenching.

FATC: Who is your favourite Partick Thistle/Liverpool player of all time? 

C: Favourite Thistle player of all time would have to be Kris Doolan, he bangs in the goals. He's a Jags legend. Stuck by the club through the good and the bad. After our relegation last season, he had the option to leave. But no, Dools decided to take the pay cut and stay. The man is a hero.

Favourite Liverpool player of all time has to be Steven Gerrard, Captain Fantastic. I absolutely adored him growing up. His free kicks were absolute gold. I cried so much when he left the Reds. He should have stayed for another season. I got quite a shock when it was announced he was to become manager of Rangers. You can imagine it's not went down well with the rest of my family. I couldn't care less if I'm being honest, as long as he gets the experience and comes back to England as soon as! It's not right seeing Stevie G in anything other than Liverpool red. Seeing him in blue makes me have mixed emotions. It's weird, it's not right! 

FATC: Who is your favourite non-Partick Thistle or Liverpool player of all time? 

C: Henrik Larsson. 242 goals during his time at Celtic. There will never be a player like him to grace Scottish football again. He was one of a kind. I adored him. Everytime I watch highlights of his goals and hear the commentator shout "LARSSONNN!", I still get goosebumps. Great memories of an extraordinary player.

FATC: GTTH - Denis Law or Kenny Dalglish? 

C: Ha, easy. King Kenny all day long! 








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