Here is a collection of people we love. These are the best club accounts & journalists on Twitter curated for you’re pleasure.

Roma Football And The City


Roma are here because of their exceptional social conscience. They regularly feature a “team of the day” - usually from a developing nation, lower leagues or from a team helping social causes. The women’s team have a “moron of the day” featuring someone making sexist comments. Both teams play in Serie A in Italy.

Saint Anthony's Football And The City

Saint Anthony’s

Saint Anthony’s are a marvel. They have embraced the Roma style of championing social causes & global friendships with clubs, fans & journalists alike. They play in the Scottish Junior Football Association West Region - the most followed Scottish “junior” club now. Follow for a taste of real Scottish roots football.

Bulawayo Chiefs Football And The City

Bulawayo Chiefs

The Bulawayo Chiefs are a bundle of joy. They compete in the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League & their Twitter is full of fun & happiness. They are a relatively new club - only being formed in 2012 - but they have taken the world by storm since the advent of social media. Pure joy!


Chicken Inn

Chicken Inn are Bulawayo city rivals to the Chiefs. Their nick-name is in the pantheon of great nick-names - the “Game-Cocks,” & they also play in the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League. The back & forth between them & the Chiefs is never less than brilliant.


Mersey Royal Girls

Mersey Royal Girls are a brand new addition to the footballing world this season. The sister club to Mersey Royal, they play in the Cheshire Girls League. They already help collect for charity & are using their voice to show that young girls can do anything.


Caversham UNITED

Caversham United are past masters in using social media to help raise their club up. They play in the Reading and District Sunday League but have an avid Twitter following. They have let their fans decide their nickname, crest & kit.

ISUN Football And The City


Isun are wonderful - they are based in Uppsala in Sweden & the founding principles were to bring joy and humour to the footballing world. They have multi-coloured smoke bombs at their matches & wear animal masks. Their captain holds regular dinners to discuss ideas as to how to make the world a more equal place!

Prague Raptors Football And The City

Prague Raptors

Prague Raptors, like Isun, have social issues running through the very fabric of their existence. They are completely inclusive - regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality or beliefs. They also are anti-shithousing on the pitch. This makes them big winners both on - and off - the pitch! A perfect of example of how football can help drive social change.