J.S. Leatherbarrow Football And The City

J.S. Leatherbarrow


J.S. Leatherbarrow is a football writer living in Suffolk. His main area of passion takes the shape of trying to shine a light into areas of the game that need it. This covers both the good and the bad. Areas of focus include the women’s game, football in developing countries & grass-roots.

Maia Freeman Football And The City

Maia Freeman


Maia Freeman, hailing from Plymouth, is an extremely exciting new voice to the world of football journalism. Her main areas of focus include global football culture & how football can be used to impact positive social change.

Jordan Florit Football And The City

Jordan Florit


Jordan is an insatiable reader, as well as a writer. Books on Latin America, politics, psychology, sociology and psychology take up the space left on his shelf after those on football have had their pride of place. It is these topics that influence his writing, where he likes to skirt the main topic of football with culture, demography, and trends. His favourite author is British sports journalist Jonathan Wilson.

Will Rivard Football And The City

Will Rivard

American Soccer Columnist

Will Rivard is from Huntsville, Alabama, in the United States. He has written widely on Tottenham Hotspur - focusing not only on the men’s team but also the women’s team and youth teams. His other main areas of interest are youth football & U.S. Soccer - the good, the bad & the ugly.