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Cheers Chas - A Tribute

A Jungle Drum Special to celebrate the life of Chas Hodges with tributes from Spurs legend Micky Hazard & Rachel Martin of the Tottenham Hotspur Supporter’s Trust.

A gentleman amongst gentleman, his memory will live on through generations of Spurs fans and is so richly deserved.
— Micky Hazard

When Arsenal fans, Chelsea fans and West Ham fans are all paying homage to a man who was so intrinsically linked with Tottenham Hotspur, then you know they have lived a very special life. Chas Hodges died one Saturday in Autumn, but the legacy he leaves will be forever Summer. 

This isn’t a biography of Chas - and it certainly ain’t an obituary. It’s a tribute to someone who touched my life deeply.

A prodigiously talented musician, he was often under-rated by the music world, because him and his partner, Dave Peacock, made several highly successful novelty records. But these “novelty records” are so iconic that they are completely a part of our heritage. Whether they be Snooker Loopy, or the 4 Cup Final songs that they made for Spurs, they always made us feel good about life. 

And frankly, we probably need that more than ever. 

Before the height of his Chas & Dave fame, he was a well-respected session musician. And of all the wonderful, bizarre, things in this world Chas & Dave being on an Eminem record is up there in the pantheon of brilliant things. For his major label debut single My Name Is, Dr D.R.E. & Eminem Sampled Labi Siffre’s “You Got The”......Chas & Dave played on that record. 

Reading the many, many, touching tributes after his passing at the weekend, one thing becomes apparent. He was universally loved. Every single person who knew him personally lead with tributes to his generosity of spirit & just how much of a nice man he was.

He was even more than that. If you grew up in London, or the South, the chances were that your Grandparents raised you on Chas & Dave records. It was no different for me. My Grandmother would have their songs on an infinite loop. I knew all of the words to Gertcha & Rabbit by the tender age of 5. My Granddad used to say “Gertcha” so much - I actually thought it was him singing on the record in my childish brain. This was before I even understood them as a Spurs band. That came later.

 Chas Hodges & Dave Peacock

Chas Hodges & Dave Peacock

I’ve lost count of the number of times, down the years, that I sat in Park Lane or The Shelf singing “Spurs are on their way to Wembley.” They were just always there - as much a part of the club’s identity as White Hart Lane, Bill Nic or years ending in 1. They were the Spurs band. They are so much a part of the club that were invited onto the pitch at the Lane finale & their version of “Glory Glory” is still played at home matches.

Then a bit later when The Libertines took them on tour, they came back into my consciousness. Their talent apparent for a new generation.

But what Chas & Dave were, above all else, was the sound of a knees-up in an old London boozer. They were the younger generation’s link to a disappearing past. Have a few pints, have a sing-song round the old Joanna. I was lucky enough to come of age & be living in East London before it had been over-taken by trendy media types. You could still smoke, there was still a piano in most pubs & when good grub was still considered a handful of nuts to soak up the beer.

That was Chas & Dave - and they never forgot their roots - not one time.

Chas Hodges has always been a part of my life - even decent enough to talk to me on Twitter on a few occasions. I wish I’d met him. I never had the honour - but a little part of my heart died with him. My Nan passed away a couple of years ago & my most treasured memories of her are singing along with Chas & Dave. White Hart Lane has now gone too - Chas & Dave will forever be Tottenham to me. They will always be part of us.

And so cheers Chas - and thank you for everything. I’ll sink a warm beer tonight to the sound of Gertcha and toast your life.

 J.S. Leatherbarrow - Editor

I’ll leave you with the words of someone who did know him & who was kind enough to give this touching tribute to Football And The City - Spurs icon, Micky Hazard. Rachel Martin of the Tottenham Hotspur Supporter’s Trust was also extremely generous in providing a beautiful tribute on their behalf which can be read below.

Chas was a complete Gentleman, equally at ease in the company of Kings or Paupers. He will be forever remembered as a Legend of our club and he leaves an incredible Legacy. I was honoured to know him but to be his friend is an even greater honour. A gentleman amongst gentleman, his memory will live on through generations of Spurs fans and is so richly deserved RIP CHAS X
— Micky Hazard

Everyone at THST was deeply saddened and shocked to hear of the death of Chas Hodges and we send our sympathies and condolences to his family and friends.

Chas lived and breathed Tottenham Hotspur and he represented the best of it. He was a highly talented musician, a great communicator, and, along with Dave, he brought Tottenham to a whole new audience through iconic songs and Top of the Pops performances. You only have to watch those to see how much he loved Spurs, and how that feeling was reciprocated by the players and fans. He added to and enriched the Club’s history with the perfection and sheer ebullience of his Spurs-related songs.

It is hard to accept that Chas didn’t live to see the team play in our new stadium but it was fitting that he should have been the half time guest at our final game at White Hart Lane.

There can be no doubt at all that his legacy will live on at Spurs as “Come on you Spurs” and “Spurs are on their way to Wembley” reverberate around our new ground and the South Stand Wall.
— Rachel Martin - Tottenham Hotspur Supporter's Trust

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J.S. Leatherbarrow